Our goal is to build meaningful brands,

brands that add value

to experiences in life.

Why we do it?

Making impact in people’s lives in meaningful ways is at the core of our values and mantra. This deep desire to add value, has helped in framing our core process of executing and delievering each project that our clients bring to us. Over the past dacade we have strived to pefect The Process and managed to condense it into the four steps below. These steps form the Framework which guides us through every project we do, from strategy, ux/ui design, print design or identity system design.


The discovery phase encompasses an extensive research about the area or domain of the project. For example, if one of our clients want to go into selling lemonade via a stand, we will do a research about the history, the competitors, existing markets, what is or not currently working, existing position, weaknesses and strengths, vision of the originator of the idea, the mission and the goals.

Our Process



One we have gathered the basic information about the domain and the fully understanding the problem, we then start defining aspects of the Brand, whether existing or not. This covers areas such as the Brand (Positing, Promise, Culture, Voice, Impact).





In the design phase, we start with brainstorming possible ideas creatively that answers or solves the problem or requirements. After gathering the possible solutions, we then down size them to only three best options that we deem the best. We will test the solutions with possible application or target market. We will also do a recap of what the initial problem was and how we got to this solution. We Then do a presentation to the client and get their final feedback. The client is part of this overall solution, providing us with information when necessary. Once we have agreed on the final solution when then move to the deployment phase.


This phase encompasses the release of the final solution or files that are ready to use. If it is a logo, we provide all the file formats and the color codes and guides depending on the package the client chooses. If it is a website, this means all the code that can be hosted. If it is an app or software, it means the codes our the UX/UI-Design files. If it is an Advertising or Marketing strategy, it means the Brand Strategy blueprint document that details all the necessary and agreed upon relevant information.

Logo Design

Branding and Brand Strategy

Creating a logo won't mean anything if it is not part of the overall Brand strategy. It has to be a process that gives you a solid identity system that will reinforce your company goals, at the same time, be appealing or communicate a specific message to your target market. 

See the results of our Strategy Process

Web Design and Development

User Experience Design and User Centered Designs

Many businesses turn to professional website design companies in order to create effective websites which convince the end user to buy the product and/or service they are offering. PhilBranding offers services that equip each brand, company or product to connect with the right users/clients/consumers.

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“Branding is like therapy to your business, we get to dig deeper beyond the surface.  During the strategy sessions we treat the disease and not the symptoms”

-Phillip Mudavanhu

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