I help small to medium companies and individuals create and develop products that adds value and improve people’s lives. As a creative person , I have worked for the past 10 years, helping companies of all sizes and industries meet their brand vision and yet still empathizing with the end users or clients.

I believe in the power of collaboration and environments that encourages free and open expression of ideas. I enjoy working alongside creative thinkers who share your interests, while turning big ideas into reality for customers or users. Being a curious person, l am always looking for new solutions, new trends and training, that helps me to grow, and to balance my work and personal life.

It is important for me, to be working with talented colleagues, clients or companies that share the enthusiasm and passion for user experience design, curiosity and empathy for the end user.

The Challenges of creating business applications that are as easy to use,  as consumer grade websites and as rich in functionality as the customers need them to be to meet their end user needs, is one of the areas that bring purpose and fulfillment into my work life.

For the past 3 years, l have been doing my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Media (Medieninformatik) at the Bauhaus University in Weimar Thueringen. My interest has been in Human Computer Interaction and Software Engineering, as this is part of my studies. My background in advertising and branding has helped me to have deeper insights on problem solving using User Experience Design or User Centered Design. Understanding the User Profile/ Use Cases for products is almost the same as building Customer Profiles in Advertising and Marketing. Creating an effective 360 user experience, for most of my clients and their products has been and remains one of my goals.

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Dating your User/Client/Consumer for all business people and Startups!

Like our modern-day dating, most of the clients that l dealt with concentrate more on their ‘make up’ and ‘social media’ outlook when trying to land a date (clients). Dating experts will tell you that, this will not have much influence, unless it is just for a ‘hit and run’ scenario (impulse buying).

People who are seriously looking for someone to date and build a future with, have a whole different approach, when it comes to dating. Customer or Consumer are looking for a deeper connection, a more meaningful relationship.

They are usually not looking for the most well-dressed person but more compatible with regards, to values and manners or character. The truth is everyone can have a make over outwardly. Most clients approach me in trying to get a quick makeover to get their Mr. or Miss Right. They initially think having a great logo or business card is the solution for their brand problem.

One may ask, “What has Branding to do with Dating?” Everything! I can boldly answer. If most of the Marketing/ Advertising people and Business Owners will start to view branding like Dating, more companies will be able to meet their Mr RightCustomer or Miss CorrectConsumer or Users. Branding is more than having a cute suit or dress (product physical attribute). Another way to think of it is having a great good looking Smart phone with an old software and hardware inside. It doesn’t work for long, your bluff will soon be called.

Don’t get me wrong, looking good is great and necessary. It makes people look attractive and have confidence in themselves. This is important when marketing and advertising. Once you have landed a date don’t think your handsome or cute face will stop people from trying to inquire deeper things about you once on a date. User, Consumer or Customers will start digging deeper into things that gives you your identity, the WHAT, WHO, WHEN and WHY part of your product, service or brand. Sooner or later you will have to answer these questions.

Sometimes l watch this Blind Date show, where two strangers come together blind folded and see each other for the first time. They are then allowed to gaze at each other for approximately one minute. During this one minute they must think if they like their blind date and secretly write YES or NO, as a first impression response. The two people are then allowed to guess things about the person in front of them, their likely first name, age, nationality, religion, occupation, just to name a few on the list. This gives the people a plat form to reveal their perception of the person who they want to potentially date or reject. The two, will than start sharing what they have perceived about the next person. Once that is done they then start correcting or sharing more of who they truly are. Their likes, hobbies, occupation, interest and any other things that they think the other person should know about them. After this sharing of the correct personal details, the two are then allowed to write their final answer on whether they still want to date the person or not. The results are what always amaze me. There are always some surprising verdicts. A response can go as follows, “When l first saw you l wrote l NO, l wouldn’t date you, but after talking to you, YES l would like to DATE you”. There are four possible scenarios, to those who understand permutations (before talking:YES after:YES or YES:NO or NO:YES or NO:NO respectively).

After watching this dating program, l thought to myself, what if this is who clients react to products or services when they first see them and after using them? Isn’t fascinating? Part of the branding services that l offer clients, l try to move them from just being consumed with seeking after a good logo but to develop their brand as a whole. Knowing your customer or consumer is very important. You must move from your perception or fantasy way of viewing your Date (users/consumers). Sometimes our clients or users will shock us because they are attracted to things that we thought were not attractive about us. The role of the Marketing and Advertising team is to manage the perception that the potential client/user/consumer has about our products or services. Managing the perception entails having to make sure that the client/user/consumer like our outward appearance (product physical appearance) and have a great experience (user experience/ customer experience) whilst using our product. The initial attraction is important just like on the Blind-Date, but the offering a great authentic user experience or customer service will grant us the YES or NO to another Date or possibly marriage.

To achieve such a Happily-EVER-After dream, every brand needs to engage people who understand Makeup for example the Designers (Stylist) and Visual Communicators (Makeup Artist) to address the outward look of your company. For deeper issues like brand vision, brand strategy, brand positioning, your company or business will have to consult a Brand Strategist for therapy. There are deeper issues that will have to be dealt with before or after you have your Date.

In conclusion, the goal of every brand should be to get married with their client. I am sure you have come across people who are married to a brand. They can not wear any other brand, except a specific brand, they cannot drink any other coffee, they cannot drive any other car, they cannot buy or use any other smart phone, excerpt their favorite brand. This is what l call the win-win holy matrimony. The challenge is to understand that they are people who have the wisdom (brand strategist), who are there to counsel your business or company and move it from just preparing for a Date but getting married with your users/clients/consumers. Now that’s having a deep relationship!

As you plan for next year, think of your business or company or ideas in a deeper way. I am available as a Brand Strategist and Designer for your counselling. Have a Merry Christmas and A prosperous New Year.

Written by Phillip Mudavanhu

Book on Branding Coming soon!!

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“Branding is like therapy to your business, we get to dig deeper beyond the surface.  During the strategy sessions we treat the disease and not the symptoms”

-Phillip Mudavanhu

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